Unfortunately, no. Research shows that 1 in every 100 emails contain Phishing links. Bad actors use this attack vector because it works.

It’s impossible for any security company to stay ahead of every new phishing website. This is why MetaCert is taking a completely new approach to help you combat Phishing attacks.

It’s time you felt safe
when using email

Installing MetaCert will give you peace of mind when opening links inside your native email app.

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My existing security service has me covered, right?

MetaCert has reinvented security for email

Safe – you know you are safe when you see the green shield.

Unknown – possible phishing website. Be careful.

Stop! This is a known phishing website.

Email Platforms

Apple Mail





Supercharge Apple’s iOS and Mac native mail clients.


Mozilla’s desktop email client gets extended protiction.


Give your Android native email app serious protection.

Coming soon

Microsoft Outlook on iOS, Android and Windows apps.

Coming soon

Google’s mobile iOS and Android apps plus browser add-on.

Coming soon



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Protecting companies and communities of all sizes from malicious attacks inside messaging services.

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